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Start a business

Whether you have arrived here via our Go for it campaign, been referred by others or discovered us yourself, you are now in the right place to access a comprehensive package of support for your new business.

We can help you create a Business plan tailored for your business idea.

We can help you create a Business plan that could secure funding

Take advantage of our one-to-one advice to develop your business plan.

Support for high growth start-ups

Thinking big? If your new business is set to grow fast and trade globally we can offer extra support.

Support for social enterprises

Find out how we can help you start a social enterprise that will benefit your community or the environment.

Funding for start-ups

Cash injection – we’ll help you identify potential funding sources for your new business.

Proof of Concept

Will it work? We can help you get funding to test your product idea and prove it has commercial potential.

Support to start a business

Got some questions? We’ll point you to information and advice on everything you need to consider when starting a business.