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About Senrysa

about senrysa

SENRYSA TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is a leading Indian banking technology solutions provider having a vast network spread across east, northeast and western frontiers. We dominate retail, governments and corporate markets with our core expertise being the BFSI sector. Presently we are a fast growing organization that serves 15+ million customers and supports 1+ million financial transactions every day with the numbers rising with each passing day. Our people first approach keeps us in the forefront and makes us deliver unparalleled consumer services.

In today's dynamic business environment most customers demand that they should be allowed to carry out transactions anywhere and at any time. Technology has enabled customers to carry out transactions from an interactive terminal spread across a wide network of locations which could either be a train station, a supermarket or from an airport to a hospital.

This now has been made possible almost anywhere for human access, which in itself was a major challenge in the past. Besides carrying out transactions without any time restriction, the challenge itself becomes cumbersome when it comes to providing services to customers without any compulsion to own an electronic device or any help from personalized support.

Now, with banks having embraced the new state of technology are better placed and able to operate and deliver such vital services to customers.This new system of operating adopted by the banks is known as "Branchless Banking". This has not only helped in reducing the operating costs of banks significantly but also allowed them to cover more time slots with their excess resources available in hand which was not feasible otherwise.

Unified Branchless Banking Platform is a state-of-the-art micro-banking environment, designed by SENRYSA TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD that encompasses transaction processing, account life-cycle management, device management, integration to core banking with another legacy system. The core of process engine is a high-performance module to acquire, route and authorize financial message from multiple electronic channels on standard financial message protocol ISO 8583 and other proprietary protocols. Seamless integration of biometric devices, Tab, Smart Phones, POS and micro ATM enables deployment of micro banking services anywhere.

This platform is used by regular banking systems to deal with growing requirements of micro banking. The system has been designed in compliance with regulatory global banking standards for processing financial transactions and has the required flexibility to cater to future changes.