Senrysa Unified Branchless Banking Platform is the most advanced banking technology in India. Our state of the art banking technology solutions make way for new age BFSI trends.

BFSI Solutions

Banking Technology Solutions

Finance industry is in a state of metamorphosis. Driven by fast paced electronic growth of the capital markets quick and massive changes in the financial services sector is taking place. With complete shifts in Banking and Insurance traditional channels financial market has added pressure on the industry players. Senrysa Technologies is humbled by its powerful efforts in providing ace financial services to its consumer base through Unified Branchless Banking Platform (UBBP). We allow you to:

  1. Enjoy seamless business processes with our well defined technology driven initiatives.
  2. Result oriented true value business practices that bring revolutionary changes for our clients, partners and business environments.
  3. Engage in zero risk and satisfactory business activities.
  4. Benefit from inter-operable, flexible, agile and configurable business processes.

Unified Branchless Banking Platform is a micro-banking environment that encompasses transaction processing, account life-cycle management, device management, integration to core banking and other legacy system. The core of process engine is a high performance module to acquire, route and authorize financial message from multiple electronic channels on standard financial message protocol ISO 8583 and other proprietary protocols. Seamless integration of biometric devices, Tab, Smart Phones, POS and micro ATM enables deployment of micro banking services anywhere and at any time. The platform is placed in front of regular banking systems to deal with growing requirements of micro banking. It insulates regular banking systems from evolving transaction or product offerings and its complexities of micro banking. The Platform is built using Java and neutral to hardware and database platforms

Aadhaar Enabled Payments System (AEPS) promoted and supported by NPCI fully supported by Senrysa Unified Branchless Banking Platform. The AEPS switch accommodates XML and regular financial ISO 8583 message protocols. AEPS switch supported functions are:

  1. Authentication of customers using Bio-metric and/or OTP
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. Cash Withdrawal
  4. Balance Inquiry
  5. Mini Statement
  6. Fund Transfer

Senrysa Unified Branchless Banking Platform makes it possible to deploy complete AEPS services in all delivery channels such as regular Kiosk banking, ATM, mico-ATM, Tab or hand held mobile devices.

The eKYC service offered by UIDAI enables electronic verification of customers' identity, address and demographic details. Using eKYC customers can authorize banks to receive electronic copy of their personal identity and demographic details. eKYC service greatly simplifies, eliminates lengthy paperwork and streamlines the process of onboarding new customers with financial institutions and facilitate faster service.

Senrysa eKYC Platform encapsulates intricacies of eKYC and makes the consumption of Aadhaar data easy across the channels. The black box approach adopted by Senrysa, completely masks the requirements of UIDAI in terms of messaging, security etc. from consuming application. Senrysa eKYC Platform has well defined and highly demarcated REST based API for easier integration with any channels or systems. It is also possible and easy to integrate legacy systems with customized API.

Senrysa eKYC Platform supports the following core eKYC functions

  1. Request for generating OTP
  2. Authentication using OTP and bio-metric or both
  3. eKYC service request using OTP and bio-metric or both
  4. Demographic verification
  5. BFD - Best Finger identification